Behind the name Allegretta Mosaico is Lisa (Stylo) Allegretta. Thanks to Allegretta's rich background in design and fashion, she presents a new vision to the traditional Italian art of mosaic.


Allegretta is half-Italian, half-American. She is originally from New York and is currently living in Torino, Italy.




Like mosaic itself, Allegretta uses a mixture of techniques, experiences and materials to achieve the final product. Wild thinking, letting go and amongst all the chaos...finding a sense of rest and peace and tranquility are the common threads to her conceptual pieces.




Allegretta uses only the finest of materials. Exceptional materials lend itself to exceptional results.


Italian Smalti - this is an opaque glass that can be made in over 10,000 different colours. Smalti is made artisanally, using only natural materials and according to the ancient Italian tradition. There are only three companies in the world that produces this glass. The smalti possesses a richness and depth, creating an extraordinary reflection when touched by the light.


Italian Gold Smalti - this gold-leaf, transparent Italian glass is produced in 20 different shades or carats. This is determined by the purity of the metal and thickness of the leaf. The reflection that the gold smalti creates is astounding.


Marble - this is sourced from all parts of the world. It is presented both polished and unpolished.





Pop-Up Exhibition La Casa Del Arte (Brussels, BE), 20-21 May 2016 - www.facebook.com


Fusion Art Gallery Artist Residency (Torino, IT), July 2016 - www.fusionartgallery.net


Rotterdam International Art Fair (Rotterdam, NL), 09-10 September - www.artfairrotterdam.com


Accessible Art Fair (Brussels, BE), 22-25 September - www.accessibleartfair.com


Cantiere Corpo Luogo Artist Residency (Murano, IT), October 2016 - www.cantierecorpoluogo.it


Winter Salon (Strasbourg, FR), 08-11 December - www.wintersalon-art-strasbourg.com




Design September (Brussels, BE), September at Hello James - www.designseptember.be


Boutique Unique et Fabuleuse (Liege, BE), 02-31 October - www.mademoisellesmoothie.com


Accessible Art Fair (Brussels, BE), 15-18 October - www.accessibleartfair.com


Create A Difference Now Gala (Brussels, BE), 21 November - www.awcb.org








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